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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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questions i want and the please get them to supervisor lee ahead of that meeting so we can have a deep discussion. we'll move on to item r which is a proposal in support of the fire department's that has overtaken tonights agenda. but let's press on. we'll need to suspend our rules so can i hear a motion and suspension of rules. move suspension of the rules >> thank you.
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(calling names)
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that the points board of education sports the funding formula? >> yes. i would support that amendment. any other committals. i wanted to say that sing the actual feel actually incorporates those that that's a good thing. we were port the governors proposal so i don't know if you know if we're going to send him something. there's a little disconnect there. >> i understand but the governor wasn't for the restoration. if we send this to the govern and
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>> should we strict then governor brown from the title? >> yeah. >> okay (laughter) . sorry mr. govern our out (laughter) . govern would we think the amendment would say therefore for the resolve for the board of education sports local control funding for the schools? >> yes, that's fine. i want to thank you >> i port the resolution. >> any other comments or questions? >> no. please call the roll call roll call >> thank you, colleagues.
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okay. we'll move on the item s the board members report. we have a report from the curriculum program committee and the student assignment committee. >> so the curriculum program committee met on june 3rd and we had american people x item for scorecards. there was a very robust discussion about the extent to wonder if there's a buy in for the balance scorecards. we had some suggests and greater parents outreach.
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we had 3 informational items updates and strategic plans for
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thirdly developing the brian elementary schools as well as elementary feeders for willie brown which will be up for discussion. staff has commented to convening community meetings once we're back in school. on all of those 3 items we'll be hearing back green from staff in august and september. the future meeting dates are august wednesday 14 we should hear the finding of the updated review and the final forecast is wednesday, september 11th we'll be hearing about feederer programs and october 9th
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anything that is not addressed in the earlier meeting. that concludes my report >> all right. president fewer could you give us - okay. i did that. okay. are there any other reports by board members >> yes. i have a quick thing i wanted to share. i had the privilege of going out to sacramento. to testify on behalf of our school district in senator bill 150 we supported and came about as the experiences of our students. the bill would eliminate a bare which currently exists from undocumented students that their
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required to pay non-tuition and that will eliminate the tuition and now it passed unanimously out of the higher education committee. it came out of 0 experience from a high school from one of the teachers. i want to recognize him and there will no longer have a tuition issue. at this time i'm going to recess the meeting we're going to retreat into closed session and we'll reconvene back and we'll read out the information. i'm going reconvening
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is meeting of june 4th and and it the x pollution of a middle high school student the four prim saupt superintendent and one director you have principle license plate and support. in the matter of t w vs. the dp w to. now the closed session the board approved the employment of force and two principle four evaporate 6 program administrators one director of leadership support and one executive director. that's it; right? okay. then meetings adjourned.
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>> welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation finance authority. my name is malia cohen. to the left is commissioner katy tackvthv. joining us will be supervisor chiu. and to my right are commissioner scott and i think mark farrell is going to be coming back shortly. i would like to thank sfgtv, charles and jessie for their service behind the camera. madam clerk, today is erica
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chang, also, madam clerk, are there any other -- are there any announcements? >> there are no announcements today. >> there are no announcements, great. okay, let's call item number 2. >> item number 2, approve the minutes of the may 14, 2013 meeting. this is an action item. >> okay. is there any member of the public that would like to speak on this item? >> okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. ~ [gavel] all right, so moved. >> all right, so moved. madam clerk, will you please call item number 3? yes, i'm sorry, the motion was passed without objection. >> item number iiictiontion state and federal legislation update. this is an information update, action item. >> and i think we have a presentation. excellent. >> good morning, chair and members. i've got a brief report for you today. on the legislative matrix we have two new changes we'd like to call to your attention and highlight. there are two other bills i'd
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like to discuss briefly and a cap of where we stand vis-a-vis the state conference committee by virtue of some of the actions they took last night and as they get ready to wrap up the budget this week. as for the new positions, ab4 66 by assembly member silva, that deals with affirming the state law, the cmac, distribution formula, the federal funds that passed through the state to regional entities. it maintains consistency with past practice and we're recommending support of this measure at this point in time. in addition, sb7 92 is a little more complicated. this was a bill that popped up in between meetings earlier this year that would have partially undone the tax swap adjustment to the excise tax on fuel. if you might have read in the
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paper, the board of equalization approved the ministerial adjustment of the tax rate pursuant to the tax spot and added 3 cents a gallon to take effect july of this coming year. and a senator from southern california introduced legislation that would have afforded the ability of the board of equalization to do that on its own and would have required a legislative vote. a number of folks went to work and that bill was, i won't say killed, but it was held over until next year. however, because of its technical parliamentery nature of the bill, it is still available at any point in time. so, staff and i are recommending an opposed position to reject any ability to change that board of equalization action and go back -- and stay at current law. that would give you the opportunity in the event that the author takes the bill up in the end of session or tries to do something early next year, we would have an opposed
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position approved if you so concur. those are the two bills where we have new positions to present to you. i have talked from time to time about sb 11 and ab8. those are measures that would extend the carl moyer funding as well as ab 118 funding. some of that money is very important to projects here in san francisco. we have been supporting it and i'm happy to report that sb 11 by senator paply has continued to move and is now in the assembly and it has not been set for a hearing but it is intended to be heard very shortly. the dent companion bill identical ab8 by assembly member parea didn't make it out of the assembly. there was a short matter when the house was going to take it up. it can still by virtue of its parliamentery condition still be taken up at any time in the assembly so it may well move, but people may defer to sb 11. so, those bills are -- at least one of those bills is moving and i'll just make this last
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note on sb 11. it did enjoy half a dozen republican votes. kind of the last time we've seen a tax measure with somewhat of a bipartisan vote. so, i have a pretty good hopes that one or the other of those bills will go to the governor and thus replenish the carl moyer funding in the future. in terms of the budget, there are a cup of items of particular interest. one was the proposal by the end administration to consolidate a number of programs, safe routes to school, bike facilities, the environmental mitigation fund into a single acts of transportation program mirroring what had happened in map 21. but at the state level for state resources. ~ and the administration ran into some opposition from the bike pit organizations around the state. there were some aspects of the proposal that they didn't like. the workout as adopted last night was to go ahead and
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approve the appropriations, about 130 million for the next year for this new program, but not provide the program parameters until later legislation is adopted after a stakeholder meeting is convened by the transportation agency sometime in august. so, there's more work to be done on that. the appropriation is good, but now to get the framework in place we'll need to do legislation and have the governor approve it. so, that's work yet to be done this summer. i talked also from time to time about the cap and trade and, you know as you know it's gone from a billion dollar proposal a year and a half ago. it was updated this year by the governor to be a lesser amount reflective of the auction revenues from cap and trade coming in at a lower level than had originally been projected. closer to about half a billion for the remainder of this year and through next year. and then in the may revision, the governor did propose in lieu of expending those funds
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for greenhouse regas reduction purses, instead that money be loaned to the general fund. the senate had adopted the governor's proposal ~ after much consideration. the assembly took a different approach. they said, well, we'll agree to 400 million of the 500 million being parked in the general fund for a year, but wanted to expend the $100 million. as a result of yesterday's in a moment of a larger scale of budget agreement, one element of that was simply to agree by all parties that a half billion dollars that the governor is projecting would be loaned to the general fund and the assembly proposal is off the table now. ~ moment there's probably a lot of reasons why the governor is pushing for that, some of which could have to do with pending lawsuits and concern about making appropriations, expending the funds, and having a legal action in an adverse way and requirements that and obligation the state would be under at that point in time. so, with that uncertain if i i
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think he's taken a prudent course. it's disappointing a lot of agentv size would like to put that money to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the state, but nevertheless the governor has prevailed at this point in time. finally, there was a proposal aligned with a public/private partnership affiliated with the long beach port courthouse project under the department of general services. it went beyond simple reporting like you normally see and would have imposed upon the p-3 regime that's available to transportation agencies. some significant new hurdles, some burdens. we were at the forefroth of resisting that under the theme that we wanted to keep as many financing tools available. ~ forefront and i'm happy to report as of last night i was informed but all four leader's offices that is off the table now thev so, the current p-3 tool would
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remain available without incumbrance of a new bureaucratic process for projects to be put through. so, with that, i'd conclude my report and ready for any questions you might have. >> thank you. colleagues, are there any questions? ~ on this item? seeing none, okay. we can take public comment. public comment is open on this item. okay. seeing that there's no public comment, thank you so much for your presentation. public comment is closed. [gavel] >> may i have a motion -- actually, this is an action item. commissioner chiu. madam collect, could you please read item number 3? >> item 3 is approved without objection. >> yes, please. item number 2 is approved without objection. >> item 4, [speaker not understood] services contract with mark thomas and company incorporated 123,0 70 to a total amount ton exceed [speaker not understood] for the folsom street off ramp
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realignment project and authorizing the executive director to modify noncontract terms and condition. this is an action item. >> great, thank you very much. good morning. >> good morning, chair cohen, commissioners. my name is luis [speaker not understood], project management consultant to the authority. the folsom rams project is a project that is part of the transbay redevelopment program. the purpose of the project is to realign the off ramp at folsom and fremont. as you see in this -- as you see in this drawing, the ramp on the right side crosses the whole block 8, making it hard to develop that block. and, so, the purpose of this project is basically to realign
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the ramp, having the ramp that now goes to folsom run parallel to the one on fremont. [speaker not understood] as shown in this drawing. in september 2007, the san francisco redevelopment agency entered into an agreement with the authority for managing this project. basically the job of the authority was to conduct a solicitation to hire a consultant and to manage the process with the consultant ands caltrans. in february 2008, the authority ~ entered into a contract for $200,000 with mark thomas and company for doing the planning, environmental, and engineering services for the project. however, before the project was completed, the state decided the redevelopment agency in 2011, therefore the project was
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put on hold. now having completed its reorganization, the successor agency to the redevelopment agency wants to complete the design. unfortunately, in the time the project was with on hold, caltrain issued a new set of regulations that were not in effect at the time, at the time the design was ongoing. so, this additional services that are needed to complete this design -- >> what exactly are those new set of regulations? can you briefly describe them? >> well, the regulations about the ramps, how they operate, the lights, because this is going to be a signal at the intersection. so, there's a series -- they do this from time to time, they reissued the guidelines. and if you want more detail, we have the engineers from matt thomas here that can answer na question if you like.
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on april 30th, the successor agency's board ~ approved an moa with the authority for conducting the completion of the design and for reimbursing the authority for this work. ~ na, that and this amendment is required under that contract to add the $123,000 and extend to july 2014 completion of the project. as mentioned earlier, all the costs of the project will be reimbursed by the successor agency so it's no prop k money, no authority money will be used for this on this project. and finally, this contract has a 235% dbi goal and this has exceeded that at 28%. so, that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions. there are representatives from mark thomas here and also the
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redevelopment agency or the successor agency to the redevelopment agency to answer any questions you may have. >> i have a question for the representative from the successor agency. thank you. hi, how are you? >> hi. >> maybe you can describe to me a little about the financing. i understand no prop k dollars are going to be paying for this, but how is this money going to move, i guess, is a way to describe it? >> sure, commissioners. mike rizzo, we're called the office of community investment and infrastructure now, successor agency to the redevelopment agency. this project not only the work that [speaker not understood] told you about [speaker not understood] is being funded by ponds issued by the redevelopment agency in 2009. it's tax increment funding which is how we're funding most of the improvements in the transbay project that are under our jurisdiction.
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>> okay, thank you. this is great. colleagues, do any of you have any questions on this item? okay, seeing nothing, no questions from the colleagues, let's take public comment. okay, no public comment. public comment is closed. [gavel] >> is there a motion on this item? >> so moved. >> thank you, commissioner chiu. without objection, this item is closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you please read item number 5? >> item number 5, recommend authorizing the executive director to execute annual contract renewals with city and county of san francisco departments, exercise contract options for various annual professional services in an amount not to exceed $960,116 and modify noncontract material [speaker not understood]. this is an action item. >> thank you very much, ms. fong. >> good morning, cynthia fong
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[speaker not understood]. this is 39 of your packet. [speaker not understood]. this is ongoing [speaker not understood]. the work value staff for the year and any specialized skills the consult apt may bring to the table. on page 43 of your packet we have a table of the proposed fiscal year 13-13%backer14 professional service expenditures. this table will show you the five different -- i'm sorry, the six different contracts we're seeking approval for. the type of service that they provide, the previous year contract amount, the increase or decrease in this to the 13-14 contract amount. what the proposed 13-14 contract amount would be. how we procured and how many contract options we have for each of these contracts. the dbe, lbe, udbe goal that was set when this contract was out for an rfp or whatever the
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basis was at the start of the contract. and the up to date dbe and lbe percentages to date. the first contract we have up for renewal is the contract with the office of the city attorney. the city attorney provides contract advice, general advice, advice on labor matters, as well as advice on projects like van ness brt. the contract amount for if itionv axal year 12-13 is 06,000. we're not looking for any increase but to maintain this level and for fiscal year 13-14, and we'd like to seek recommendation for 60,000 for this coming year. we also have annual renewal for the department of technology. the department of technology provides video production services for the authority committee and board meetings. they're working right now during this committee meeting. the contract amount for fiscal year 13-14 is $29,6 16. we're seeking no increase. we'd like to remain at 29,6 16
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dollars. the next contract we have up for renewal is the [speaker not understood] llp. they assist us during committee meetings. we have stan taylor sitting in the audience today. they also assist us in presidio parkway, advice on yerba buena island's geary and and van ness brt, other projects we have occurring during the year. >> is this in addition to the city attorney's office, specialized in -- >> specialized transportation matters. this is one we seek not advice or many times there may be a conflict of interest if we were to use a city attorney. >> how often do we have a conflict of interest? >> we feel do have some at least once per year. we're working with other city departments on various projects. they may use the city attorney to represent them. the authority uses [speaker not understood] just to get a different perspective to do a cross-check on any matters